Green Group is the solution for clients  seeking discreet & confidential services in actionable intelligence & security. Our capabilities are enhanced by technology, seasoned quiet professionals & customer centric culture.






Green Group provides clients with ISO 31000-2018 compliant Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments (CSRA) to identify and catalogue threats and vulnerabilities, and present solutions in a manner that is easily understood.  We provide enhanced physical security solutions by combining technology platforms that empower surveillance and investigations. Technology includes analytical intelligence, data mining, sensors, geofencing and alerts  investigations.

Physical covert or overt security for persons, families, executives, high profile clients or corporations.


Green Group integrates  a unified single platform security solution to securing what matters most to you, to optimize and develop exceptional situational awareness for all our clients.

Green Group's licensed investigators, expert analytical teams and  advanced intelligence technology streamlines the gathering of critical data, unifies intelligence solutions, and provides seamless connectivity and integration of that data.  Capabilities include correlation analysis, pre-and post-event reporting and data mining, projection and threat identification.


With every evolving criminal and terrorist activities, the need has never been greater for Government, Law Enforcement (LE) and First Responders to come together in training to better protect communities.

With decades of experience and vast knowledge of Federal, and State LE training tactics, Special Operations training and advanced firearms expertise, Green Group’s training cadre bring a wealth of relevant, real-world training to enhance LE agencies capabilities.



Working closely with state and local law enforcement, Green Group provides a holistic approach to risk mitigation and security. From the assessment to implementation phase, our customer centric staff identify threats, risks, or vulnerabilities that negatively impact what matters most to you.  We develop bespoke security packages to protect your family, your home, your investment, and your reputation.  


Whether you are involved in mergers, acquisitions or management of businesses, Green Group’s investigative services provide clients with the insight required  for better decision making.  We empower clients with the tools required to mitigate risks, establish policies that protect business continuity and success. No matter how small or great the enterprise, no matter how small or great the project, our clients receive equal personalized service. 


Green Group utilizes cutting-edge intelligence technology and effectual human intelligence to fill a critical gap in the fight to secure government infrastructure and organizations. This is achieved by pre-emptive and proactive strategies to mitigating vulnerability, risks, and incessant collaborating with local first responders and State and Federal Agencies to report such findings.  We are an accredited Defense Contractor with the SBA since 2009, registered as a Veteran owned and operated firm. 

Licensed and Bonded

Security & Private Investigation


Utilizing advanced data mining technology, with human intelligence to thoroughly assess and identify security risks detrimental to communities, enterprises, and government.