Green Group is a solution for clients seeking services in reliable actionable intelligence, risk mitigation, investigative work, and tactical training.


In the United States, inconceivable threats such as mass shootings, pedestrian attacks and other forms of attack have escalated. Complex threats to once perceived safe areas have evolved into commonplace, consequently replacing peace of mind with fear. Places of worship, education, and assembly are more at risk than ever, thus reducing the safety of our friends, families and loved ones.

Proactive solutions as oppose to reactionary solutions are needed to replace emotional sentiment with logic and rational action. Working closely with State and local Law Enforcement, Green Group is committed to providing communities with minimally intrusive, yet highly effective, innovative solutions to sentinel neighborhoods, safeguard schools, universities, and places of worship.


Amid cyber and physical attacks, fraud and abuse of resources, new emerging threats are bombarding modern corporations and exposing vulnerabilities in enterprise infrastructure, operations and personnel. It is imperative in today’s marketplace for corporations to possess the tools and methodologies to identify, assess and mitigate threats against vulnerabilities while maintaining business continuity and reputation. Subsequently, organizational seek robust, yet sensible, holistic countermeasures to protect themselves and their data.

Our clients hire Green Group to provide economical and ethical solutions for identifying exposure and mitigating risks to support seamless business continuity. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most recent technology, testing potential attack vectors, and staying current on emerging security trends to protect our clients and their customers.


The United States’ infrastructure and government body is under constant threat by foreign and domestic organizations, which highlights a severe intent to cripple our democracy.  Greater than terrorism, the threat of cyberattack is the biggest peril currently facing the United States.  With the internet of things, cyber criminals will continue to develop more innovative, malicious and aggressive tools to disrupt and destroy computing systems. As security risk and complexity increase, so do the resources needed to respond to them.

Green group utilizes cutting-edge intelligence technology and effectual human intelligence to fill a critical gap in the fight to secure personnel, assets and data. This is achieved by pre-emptive and proactive targeting malicious groups, implementing strategies to mitigating risks, and incessant collaborating with local first responders and State and Federal Agencies.


A proactive approach to securing what matters is.
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Green Group provides a unified security intelligence single platform system to optimize and develop exceptional situational awareness to organizations supporting our communities, enterprise and government. 

Our expert team and advanced in-house tools streamline the gathering of critical data, unifying intelligence solutions, providing seamless connectivity and integration of data, correlation and analysis including pre- and post-event reporting and data mining.


With ever-evolving changes to criminal and terroristic activities, the need has never been greater for Government, Law Enforcement and First Responders to engage in training to better protect our communities.

With decades of experience and vast knowledge of Federal, and State Law Enforcement (LE) training tactics, Special Operations training and advanced firearms expertise, Green Group’s training cadre bring a wealth of relevant, real-world training to enhance and assist LE agencies capabilities.


Green Group provides ISO 31000-2018 compliant Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments (CSRA)s to identify and catalogue threats and vulnerabilities and quantifiably provide the qualified resultant risk in a way that is easily understood. This is followed by the development and implementation of Risk Mitigation Strategies that are applicable to the true security / threat environment of our clients.

Offering affordable, innovative turnkey technology platforms that greatly enhance surveillance, intelligence gathering and data mining combined with detailed investigations, Green Group provides an efficient solution to implement the most effective security measures.

Empowering organization to anticipate, respond, and proactively mitigate safety and security risks.


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Our Process

Utilizing advanced data mining technology, with human intelligence to thoroughly assess and identify security risks that can be detrimental to communities, enterprises or government.