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customized security solutions

Green Group Global is the solution for clients seeking professional and confidential physical security and intelligence gathering services.  A licensed Private Investigative Firm, with world-wide experience protecting high-profile clients, complex projects, and corporations. 

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Intelligence driven Security operationS

Utilizing multiple sources of intelligence collection and integrated machine learning software into a fulsome security awareness view that enables us to make faster, smarter decisions to protect, life, property, and reputation.

experts in security

Our people and their skills are what sets us apart from our competitors with decades of experience identifying, managing, and successfully completing complex security project worldwide.

360 View of risks

We conduct cyber-surveillance, deploy the skills of our licensed investigators and analyst to gain a 360 view of the threat environment to secure assets and people effectively.

customer service centric

Our customers are our priority; therefore, we set high standards of performance, maintain confidentiality and privacy while providing personalized attention to detail driven customer service.

Our services

Corporate Security

In addition to first-class personalized security services, Green Group offers a range of physical security solutions for corporations of any size or industry. We conduct Comprehensive Risk Assessments, perform internal investigations to uncover vulnerabilities and irregularities that may cause risk to people, assets, and reputation. Our investigators are called to investigate fraud, theft, data security breaches, and claims. With our analytical and cyber-investigative network, we provide information pertinent to mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, litigation support services, and more. Our Comprehensive Risk Assessment allows for the development of physical security programs, inclusive of implementing effective surveillance technology, security policies, and procedures. Green Group has an extensive network of vetted security professionals prepared to deploy anywhere in the USA and abroad. With capabilities to manage government-funded projects, natural disaster relief effort, provide secured logistics, and protect high-value assets.

Personal Security

High profile clients are susceptible to threats and security issues because of their public status. These threats, unfortunately, negatively impact the privacy and safety of their families and their businesses. It is our job to identify the vulnerabilities, pinpoint, and manage the risks, whether at work, home, or traveling. Our personalized, confidential, and professional security services are customized to provide your specific situation the best security plan. Our solutions weave together a complete security blanket by deploying experts in surveillance, monitoring, investigative works, defense, personal protection, and security technology. Whether you need full-time personal protection officers (PPO) for you and your family or corporate protective services for your C-Level executives, a celebrity guest or sports team, count on Green Group to develop an effective and efficient security plan. To maximize our overall operations, we utilize the skills and experience learned while working on austere, high-threat environments, and deploying the latest in surveillance, communication, and monitoring technology.

Investigative Services

Green Group is a licensed Private Investigative Agency (Lic.17PIA4893) in the State of Oklahoma, with an Investigative License also in the State of Virginia (11-15887). Our network extends to the Middle East, Africa, South American, and Europe. Our Analyst and investigative team's former training comes from the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DoJ), and a myriad of U.S Federal Agencies. Some of the information we gather is Our function is to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate court-admissible information - quickly, accurately, and always secured. We accomplish our investigative missions through multiple sources and collection disciplines, which are the building blocks of formulating "complete and accurate intelligence." These methods include gathering and verifying data through human surveillance, Cyber (Open Source and Closed Source), Signal, and Geospatial Analysis. We complete all processes maintaining the rule of law and inside the constraints of the U.S Law.

Green Group INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard

INSIGHT - Analytical Security Services

INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard is a single view platform dashboard created by Green Group. It is designed to customize the way our clients access and view the data we compile from investigation and risk mitigation management. The data is securely shared and reflects intelligence reports, alerts, security notices, link analysis, and more. We even have the capability of connecting surveillance equipment for real-live data review. INSIGHT allows for secure data sharing from multiple resources into a single-source solution. Our clients have the data they need for an overall security viewpoint - faster, real-live, and proactive. Law firms managing multiple cases currently utilize INSIGHT as a vital tool for decision making. Using this tool to enhance individual or corporate security operations allows one to maximize analysis, response, investigation, evidence gathering, incident reconstruction, and reporting. One dashboard enables pre-planning and coordination across stakeholders while automating operating procedures. Whether the use is for Civil Investigations, Legal Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Executive Protection - INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard has the flexibility to expand.

Because Who You Hire Matters, is Why We Must be Good!

We are public servants, from a diverse array of professional backgrounds, passionate about the security of people and our nation. In the industry of security and risk mitigation, it takes strong teams and dedicated individuals to achieve and monitor performance against our high expectations and stringent customer requirements. It is only through the fostering of a “One Team” approach, where together with our partners, vendors, and stakeholders, maintain a respectful workplace and solution-driven business culture. 


Corporate Security

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Physical Security Upgrades
  • Surveillance & or monitoring
  • Investigative Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Secured Logistics
  • Security Plan Development & Implementation

Personal Security

  • Private Security Detail for High-profile clients & their families
  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO)
  • Travel Security (CONUS / OCONUS)
  • Residential Security & Roving Guards
  • Social Media Monitoring / INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard
  • Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Special Events Security

Investigative Services

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Legal Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Cyber-threat Investigations
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Surveillance & Monitoring Services


  • Energy Sector Project Security
  • Agricultural Projects (Hemp/Med. MJ)
  • Government (Local, State, Federal) Security Contracting
  • Policy Development
  • Corporate Private Training
  • Gated Community Security Solutions
  • Higher Education Security Solutions

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