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About the Company

Green Group Global is an Oklahoma Licenses Security and Private Investigative Firm with a mission to provide customized confidential and professional security services integrating technology to streamline services. We are continuously enhancing our capabilities and productivity by improving operations through innovation. Incorporating intelligence-driven security technology, and the expertise of seasoned professionals in our industry, we better serve our customers no matter the size or industry. Our international experience and networks grant us the ability to extend our services worldwide. As a veteran owned and operated firm, we chose the name Green Group to commemorate the core of our staff, the Green Beret, and the mission of the Special Forces – De Oppresso Liber (to free from oppression), as well as honor the men and women of our U.S Military. 

With a consistent track record of exceeding clients’ expectations and delivering solutions for complex security problems, Green Group stands behind the services it provides. Our team is comprised of former U.S. Local, State, Federal agency professionals from a diverse group of security, intelligence, risk mitigation, and logistics division.  


We bring a collaborative approach to every real-world security problem, yielding solutions every time.  We improve and build on methodologies and processes founded and established by the U.S. Special Operations community while incorporating innovative machine learning technology. 


The result is – security solutions that work best to protect the interest of our clients.  Our investigative and intelligence gathering approach incorporates data gathered for all kinds of sources, in all types of formats. Whatever tools we deploy to perform security or investigative works; whether it be overt or covert operations, signal surveillance and monitoring, alarms, alerts, geospatial or tracking devices, to analytical tools – we organize the view environment into a one-screen solution to simplify and speed the way we plan against threats and share the information.

From our foundation as an intelligence-driven firm, Green Group has grown to exceed the security needs of a wide range of clients in numerous industries, including the U.S Government, energy sector, construction, logistics, legal, agricultural, farming, private firms, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, religious organizations, non-profits, and celebrities.  


We represent clients of all sizes, diverse industries with customized security solutions, and consulting services. What sets up apart from our peers is the real-world international experience gained from working in complex projects post 911.  Our capability to assess, plan, communicate, and manage efforts with government, public, and private entities under one roof, proves our ability to understand diverse industries.


Maintaining a finger on the pulse of innovation, we enhance our feasibility, and the methods incorporated to identify threat, assess threat, project threats, mitigate risk, manage risk, and safeguard our clients.  


The confidentiality, privacy, and maintaining the trust of our clients is essential to our success. Processes and procedures designed to protect how information is safeguarded, maintained and share.

RESULT driven

The only way to implement the right plan is first by listening to our clients, second by assessing their environment, and lastly, partnering to meet their safety and security needs.


Through the collaboration of different intelligence and analytical perspectives, we developing and implement lean and adaptive security models that deliver cost-effective solutions.

Real World Experience

Our past performance includes working in austere, logistically challenging environments from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and USA, fostering a solution driven organization.


Green Group was established to support highly complex physical security and threat mitigation efforts for U.S Government projects overseas. Today, we are leaders in assisting both government and private organizations investigate, analyze, and gain insight utilizing actionable intelligence, AI analytics and industry experts to mitigate and solve security problems.

Veteran Owned.
Veteran Operated.

Co-founded by two veterans, Green Group is a Service-Disabled Small Disadvantaged Woman Minority Owned Firm.  

Today, it employees and partners with other Veterans to grow the business and support the community of transitioning veterans into the public sector.

With active registration in SAMS, SBA, and Oklahoma CLEET, we operate to educate, equip, and promote compliance at every level.

Green Group also maintains its accreditations, licenses, and insurances current, and performs internal audits to remain compliant to local, state, and federal laws. A proud member of Veteran 1st Hiring Program and BBB A+ Rated. 

Successfully responding to developing threats, deploying investigative analytics, and helping clients decrease risk to assets and reputation.

The definition of success, to me, is defined by the reward gained when clients return to us to protect their family, their business, their assets, and reputation. It means to me that we are doing our jobs to the fullest of our capability and with effectiveness.  When they are safe, they can exercise their free will to live productive, secure, and joyful lives. This is the ultimate reward, and the way I can give back to community.

Zoraida Holmes

Co-Founder / CAO


Our vision is to optimize and streamline the process of identifying, projecting, monitoring, mitigating, and managing risks for the implementation of security solutions to our ever-evolving world.  By taking the approach of educating our clients about the importance of taking a proactive approach to security – we partner with them to protect what matters most.

OUR Mission

Human beings can be horrible to one another, a reality that, by the minute, negatively impacts individuals and organizations.  Whether an individual or an organization imposes the threat, not one person or organization needs to become or remain a victim.
Our mission is simple – protect and serve so that businesses and community continue to thrive.


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