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Physical Security Solutions

Immensely private and confidential physical security services customized for high-profile clients. We deploy operational and intelligence support, increase efficiency through innovative security technology to safeguard clients, whether at home, at work, or play.

Security Technology

Surveillance, monitoring, alerts, alarms, sensors, access control, geofencing, personnel count, license plate recognition, asset tracking and more.

Security Plan Development & Implementation

Comprehensive Risk Assessments, Emergency Plans, Security Plans, Communication Plans and more

Security Consulting

Assigning the best of our industries to guide, mentor, resolve, audit, and implement security solutions.​

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Risk Assessments

Identifying and assessing the security posture of a client is a critical step in developing plans and strategies best suited for implementing solutions that work. Our field experts will assist an individual or an organization with the utmost level of confidentiality and professionalism.

physical security upgrades

Because of our long-term relationships and volume order of security technologies, we can extend cost savings to our clients when they have us order and install surveillance and monitoring equipment.

Armed Guards

Our staff receives continued training in advanced tactics, weapons handling, medical first responders, crowd control, and management; tactical driving, close-quarter combat, defense tactic techniques, risk management, and more.

customized security solutions

Whether it's your residence or your place of business, or assets spread over multiple states - our personnel and the security technology we deploy, adapts to complex security needs as well as your budget.

7 Physical Security Solutions For Your Business ​

The physical safety of your business involves protecting your employees and your customers, and it should be a top priority for any business owner regardless of the industry. Acrimonious acts, whether internal or external, proposes opportunities for liability and safety risks for any size organization. Workplace violence incidents, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is reported by about 2 million people each year in the USA, and that most of the mass shootings reported were in businesses. One event can negatively impact one’s business continuity if not prepared to handle crisis. 

As a business owner, you are responsible for providing adequate security for all.  Waiting for something to happen is costly; therefore, a proactive approach to security is the best approach. The good news is that there are solutions you can deploy right now. Here are seven recommend essential security practices we recommend to our clients. All these recommendations Green Group can assist your business to attain and manage. 

Conduct a Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA):

Comprehensive Risk Assessments (CRA) are an integral part of an occupational health and safety management plan. They aid in creating awareness of hazards and risks. Identifying risks that impact employees, visitors, contractors, the public, and your shareholders is critical to your business continuity. CRA's are not only valuable to businesses, but they are also relevant to high-profile clients and their residential spaces. From incident mapping, trend analysis, vulnerability analysis to developing risk matrix' and create measures to mitigate current and future risks. Our approach is fundamentally proactive, not just reactive - anticipating what is likely to happen in the future of risk empowers our client decision making and their future growth. ​

Create a Monolithic Approach to Security

Secure your business from the inside-out. Whether you use a series or a network of cameras, entry control points, person count monitoring systems, alerts, panic alarms, gates, proper doors, strategic lighting, guards, or license plate recognition - to name a few, implement these Security Technology Systems. When appropriately deployed, these systems allow you to see more, to do more, faster. Innovation enhances the functionality and capabilities of surveillance and monitoring technology today, what used to be for military-grade use, is affordable, accessible, more comfortable to install and integrate with other systems for residential or commercial use.

Implement Real-Data for Better Decision Making

Machine learning and A.I software within surveillance and security equipment create algorithms and collect data to learn from the behavior of your clients and your staff. The data gathered, analyzed, and verified, becomes a powerful tool for identifying, projecting, and planning against business vulnerabilities. Fuse this capability to investigative services such as social media monitoring, network penetration testing, and link analysis, and you now can gain insight on brand sentiment, receive alerts to suspicious actions around or within your organization. Now you have full control, visibility, and transparency of your operation.

Implement Security and Emergency Plans

Written plans provide your company with policies and protocols. Your security program will be incomplete if you do not incorporate clear and concise directions to your staff at all levels. Procedures and protocols require continued reviews, training, and practice. They assist your organization to stay on top of the actions needed to collaborate all efforts in keeping the work environment safe and secured.

Create a Culture of Safety

Educate your employees and your clients on the importance of safety and security. Create fun campaigns, anonymous hotlines for reporting of suspicious activities, training sessions with incentivized earnings of points to bonuses. We reiterate that with policies and protocols, training at all levels is critical, but so is the buy-in. Incorporate these policies into your Human Resources program, and promote them to subcontractors and vendors. Make your security plan, part of your corporate culture, and social responsibility.

Enforce Your Security Policies

Written plans provide your company with policies and protocols. Your security program will be incomplete if you do not incorporate clear and concise directions to your staff at all levels. Procedures and protocols require continued reviews, training, and practice. They assist your organization to stay on top of the actions needed to collaborate all efforts in keeping the work environment safe and secured.

Change Your Attitude About Security

You wouldn't purchase a house without an Insurance Policy to protect it? Nor, would you place your hard-earned savings or your retirement money in an unsecured location? Yet more small to mid-size business owners and their partners see securing their overall business, whether its assets or information, as a headache. Unfortunately, these attitudes act as a barrier to doing what we security professionals would regard as crucial requirements. The unfortunate attitude adjustment seems to happen as a result of a regrettable event to force their hand to implement the bare minimum of security measures. It is a time, budget, and management issue. For all the questions, reasons, and doubts we've been privy to from business owners, we get it! The change in view, we feel, begins with educating the consumer on the facts about implementing security solutions that protect the investment into their future.

A Boutique Security Service Shop

It is critical to the success of our business that we get to know you and fully understand your needs to create realistic expectations.


As a Boutique Security Service Shop, we know you by name and remain a call away from assisting you.

We understand that no two people are the same, and in our busy lives, there are multiple factors we are all juggling.


For this reason, we offer a trusted partnership, and our number one priority is to earn your trust, so all your security needs are continually being met by Green Group. No fear tactics, just facts. No overselling equipment – instead, we offer intelligent designs for impactful security plans with measures that work and grow with your needs. It is our job as security professionals to aid in the process of educating, communicating, mitigating all that pertains to security, empowering you so that you can make impactful sound decisions.

Solutions For


Celebrity status comes with its challenges, and since becoming a YouTube star, your stardome puts you in the public eye. You lack privacy and need to protect your home, reputation, and your family.


Your company is receiving some heat rounds for taking on a project that is Environmentally or Politically triggering threats to your family, and your organization. You need to know the threat actors, what they are planning, and you need to gather evidence while protecting what matters most. ​


Your privacy does not mean you can't protect your family and yourself from potential physical risks. You need protection of your personal information online, identify and stay ahead of threat actors so you can best protect your family and yourself.

Government Officials

While most Government officials are assigned personalized security details, our security professionals with previous experience protecting dignitaries and heads of state are ready to augment for special events and functions in Oklahoma or abroad. As a Government contractor, we offer expertise in managing and augmenting Operational Command Centers with analysts, investigators, and HUMINT capabilities.

Medical Cannabis/Hemp Businesses

Since Medical Marijuana is legal in the state of Oklahoma, the entrepreneurial opportunities to grow and open dispensaries have overwhelmed OMMA, the legal safety and security compliance leg of Oklahoma. You want to remain compliant and provide safety and security for both your employees and your patients. You cant keep up with all the changes in regulations, and you need security expertise.

Infrastructure Developers

Whether it is confidential information, high-target assets, government furnished equipment or security sensitive sites that need security, Green Group is poised to mobilize assets and manpower. Green Group is registered with an active DUNS and CAGE code, with extensive past performance completing USA government contracts logistically supporting infrastructure projects.


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