Government Contracting


Working alongside local, state, and federal agencies to support securing our U.S. infrastructure in times of war or peace.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

For mobilization into austere, remote or complex areas of personnel and or equipment. Identify vulnerabilities and risks for mitigation strategic planning.


Secured logistics

Transportation services with the latest of security surveillance, tracking, geofencing, and dispatching for personnel or goods. Logistics support and delivery of supplies for natural disaster relief and more.

Infrastructure physical security

Implementation of innovative surveillance technology for 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance of all sorts of assets.

Investigative services

Licensed and qualified professionals for augmenting coalition driven tactical operation centers, FUSION centers, with analyst, investigators, and security professionals.

Why we bring value to Government contractING

  1. Subject matter experts are U.S. Military Veterans with extensive experience working in austere, remote areas of the world.
  2.  Tools utilized are the best surveillance and security technology.
  3. Staff and management team consists of senior-level logisticians, security experts, with previous experience managing complex projects. 
  4. We have extensive past performance managing and completing Government projects. 
  5. Domestically and international experience.
  6. Our staff is all vetted, understanding of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), compliant with safety and security requirements.
  7. Active DUNS and CAGE Code.
  8. Bonded and Insured.
  9. Capable of mobilizing with short notice.
  10. We have experienced trainers in tactical and security operational skills.

woman owned, minority, service disabled, small business

Committed to excellence and in creating innovative, flexible security solutions in support of our Defense infrastructure. We provide services and consulting to implement strategic security, logistics, investigative, intelligence, and training solutions. We are current with our SBA registration and active CAGE codes.  Our organization proudly employes veterans and former security and intelligence specialist with logistics experience from a myriad of local, state, and federal agencies.  Our past performance includes the successful completion of projects managed with the highest confidentiality and security measures.  

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When combining our capabilities and tools, Green Group enhances or creates the security operation necessary to establish risk mitigation, safety, and operational security in any size project.

Actionable Intelligence

1. Incident Dispatching & Alerts.

2. Facial & License Plate Recognition.

3. Surveillance & Geofencing.

4. Image counter & comparison.

5. Facility controlled entry points.

6. CCTV, VIP, BOLO, Surveillance 

7. Modular Containerized Units design

8. Fusion Center design & management.

9. Video View anywhere with actionable

10. Real live data reporting & monitoring.


1. Site Threat & Vulnerability Assessment.

2. Background Checks.

3. Social Media Monitoring.

4. Metadata / Evidence Packets.

5. Human, signal and on the ground
      investigative services.

6. Security consulting.

7. Due diligence & fact finding.


1. Law Enforcement Intermediate Close 

2. Quarter Battle (CQB).

3. Advanced law enforcement handgun

      basic and advanced patrol rifle.

4. Law enforcement emergency vehicle
     operations training.

5. Medical TCCC / first responders course.

6. Technical: Freefall/medical/rappelling.

      School law enforcement officer (LEO)
       security officer.

7. Readiness and pre-deployment / travel

8. Situational awareness / active shooter
      response & awareness.


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