Investigative Services

Need litigation Support Services?

Our investigations department, enhanced by our very own INSIGHT Analytical Dashboard supports and empowers litigators every step of the way. We approach each matter with intensity, diligence, and attention to detail.


We are partnered with accomplished lawyers, former district attorneys, and crisis management experts to strengthen the litigator’s ability to achieve successful results in state and federal courts around the country.


We gather and verify data used in a wide range of cases supporting a diverse group of industries, including the energy sector, ag-biotech, financial institutions, educational institutions, manufacturing, technology, construction, government agencies, and high-profile independent clients in the media or the entertainment industry.


From technical surveillance measures to on the ground investigations, gathering of data utilizing innovative intelligence tools, our global network of resources allows Green Group to offers a wide range of risk mitigation support services.

Gathering data & empowering decision making

We understand how to conduct and complete high-stakes investigations in a cost-effective manner that is discrete, thorough, and minimizes disruptions to an individual or a business.

Commitment to help with difficult cases

We gather intelligence and or validate information to provide a deep level of insight for criminal cases, internal investigations, due-diligence related investigations, and more.

Elite team of experienced detectives & analysts

We equip our investigative division with the latest in big-data analytical tools. Our detectives work in conjunction with our analysis to blend their experience and expertise to provide impactful solutions.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Any size organization has varying levels of risks that, if not addressed, will cause negative impacts. For this reason our clients range from size and industries seeking temporary or permanent risk mitigation solutions.


The intelligence we gather through our investigative works becomes an instrumental tool-kit whereby when engaged in discerning facts or presenting evidentiary data has the power to shift the outcome of the case.  

Having more data, is not always better for a case; having the right and factual data, is what makes all the difference for our clients.    


Whether you are dealing with internal investigations, fact-finding, dispute resolution, mergers or acquisitions, pre-hiring background checks, or looking to establish partnerships – our investigative solutions provide validated intelligence every step of the way. 

Solutions for a Wide Array of concerns

Internal Employee Issues

Investigations and surveillance for theft, policy violations, sabotage, acts of malevolence, threats to executives, and corruption. Background checks for matters of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, investments, and travel outside of the U.S.A.

External Risk Mitigation

Electronic surveillance, ongoing intelligence gathering and investigations through a series of monitoring technologies such as cameras, alerts, geo-fencing, and more. Not only identify but project risks utilizing algorythims Gather sentiment through algorithms and identify threats through social media monitoring, due diligence matters, surveillance through security technology or human intelligence gathering.

Intellectual Property

Litigation support services, policy violation investigation, patent infringement, and more. Keep a watchful eye on your business and its assets with our physical security solutions. We offer bespoke detection, surveillance, and investigative solutions to your specific business needs. From design, installation, and management.

Background Check

From deep dives, fact finding, creating analytics, and investigative reports, our intelligence gathering software is the best in the industry. With the support of our analyst, licensed investigators, and managers the results are fact-checked, verified, ever before presented.

Social Media Scrubs

Electronic investigations allows us to conduct social media monitoring, and create plans to scrub the world wide networks of false data. Metadata is gathered for future evidence in a court of law.

Lots of Verified Data

Data is good, but too much inaccurate data presented in a case is detrimental to its result. We only provide data that is verified by qualified investigators, fact-checked, and usable in court.

Reliable . Trustworthy . effective

Why Choose Us

Our ability to find solutions to complex problems is one of the many reasons why our clients boast about us. Our commitment to their excellence is genuine, and our personalized customer service means we are reachable when a client needs us the most. 


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