Tactical and skill proficiency training by the best in the security, law enforcement, and special operations industry.


Our subject matter experts lead the way in training of advanced tactical and skill advancement training for Law Enforcement and First Responders.  

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There is no branch of public service where an individual can be dependent upon his own initiative and resources to do a job.  Efficiency in any position, let alone one that upholds the law, such as law enforcement (LE), needs continuous standardized and systematic comprehensive skill development.  The only way to attain confidence and proficiency to both LE officers and the public they serve is through continuous standardized, accredited, well-rounded, multi-skilled, advanced, to standard, training. 

Today, LE training criteria differs from state to state, as does curricula, creating inconsistency across neighboring departments. In order to develop adept LE forces, re-structuring, standardizing, and audits on proficiency require resources. Like teachers, LE officers are mostly underpaid - hourly wages in some local towns across the U.S. pay fast-food wages.  The  adage, you get what you pay for, can only be positively changed by pouring cost effective resources.  The world can't expect people hired to uphold the law and answer to calls that require medical, advanced tactics, knowledge on how to deal with people with mental illnesses, with psychological problems as a couple of examples, confidently if they do not possess such training.

Whether Green Group promotes our services in developing Safe Schools or Safe Neighborhood, training is a critical factor in the success of how networks of agencies and organizations communicate and work with one another that determines effectiveness in preparedness.   

For this reason, Green Group, with a selected group of subject matter experts, designed real-world training curriculums to positively impact the way LE responds to calls, and address specific situations.  Green Group's training incorporate safety and situational awareness tactics that prioritizes the safety of citizens and LE alike.

We work with LE departments to create training programs utilizing existing assets, we deploy our own and also assist in the collaboration between departments to maximize budgets.

Are we experienced?  Yes.  We have trained abroad special operations groups and LE in advanced tactics, specialty skills such as rappelling, small unit tactics (SUT), advanced shooting, active shooter prevention, medical, communication, and much more.

Our courses are not just for LE.  In today's environment, situational awareness training, first responders basic skills and shooting proficiency are skills that can save lives within any organization.

Here are some of the reasons why your organization needs Green Group for training:


Certified and vetted – by the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of State (DoS), and trusted subject matter experts with prior careers in Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Anti-Terrorism units and other Government Agencies (GA). 


An accredited training agency – providing the Oklahoma Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) accredited courses for Law Enforcement.

Quality Trainers

Highly Skilled Cadre – with decades of relevant real-world experience and vast knowledge of Federal, and State Law Enforcement (LE) training tactics, Special Operations training and advanced firearms expertise.

Real World Training

Enhances Classroom Experience – Green Group’s cadre possess a wealth of real-world experience, which serves to significantly enhances the classroom/field environment, and greatly contribute to law enforcement agencies capabilities, or security operations overall.

Budget Conscious

We work with departments in the planning phases to create advanced training opportunities that are budget conscious without compromising on quality.

We make a difference

We are citizens and patriots.  We love our country and are committed to making a positive impact in our society.  We want to see families or those who visit our great country feel confident of the capabilities of our public servants.

Law Enforcement Training

Courses designed to enhance Law Enforcement tactical and technical skills required to safeguard communities.

Tactical Training

Courses designed to advance tactical specialty skills such as, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Advanced Patrol Rifle, Situational Awareness and more.

Technical Training

Courses designed to enhance specialty skills such as rapelling, free-fall parachuting, Asset Security Management, Internal Defense, and more.

Proficiency in the basics is what makes an expert

Training that equips a person to make rational controlled decisions is what makes the difference in the outcome

Some of Our Courses

Green Group CLEET approved - Law Enforcement Courses:

  • Law Enforcement Intermediate Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
  • Tactical Rappelling and High Angle Operations
  • Tactical Night Operations
  • Law Enforcement Sniper Observer
  • Basic Homicide and Equivocal Death Investigation
  • School LEO / Security Officer

Course times and schedules vary.

Basic & Advanced Law Enforcement Courses

  • Basic Patrol Rifle
  • Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Basic Hostage Rescue
  • Basic Personal Protection Detail
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Handgun 1
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Handgun 2
  • Advanced Patrol Rifle
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

Course times and schedules vary.

Additional Courses

  • Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Law Enforcement High Risk Vehicle Tactics
  • Basic Hostage Rescue
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Advanced Tactical Medicine

Course times and schedules vary.
Class Size: 20