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Green Group Global LLC. is a premier security and compliance solution for the legal cannabis industry.  Green Group offers professional security solutions focused on mitigating and managing physical and operational risks. As Federal Laws continue to catch up, changes to regulation and compliance remain in the beginning stages of development, a proactive approach is critical for your business success.  Establishing a professional relationship with our clients is important to us as we offer turnkey security solution that integrate our resources and capabilities to safeguard people, assets and reputation. Green Group works within all federal, state and local laws and regulations for the medical marijuana, and hemp derived products industry. Below are a list of services available to you.  

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Personalized service driven to assist our clients attain state growers licenses, and maintain risk mitigation processes and policies.  Threat and risk analysis are performed by highly skilled security experts, licensed and the best in the intelligence industry. 

Risk Mitigation Plans

As your operations and business grows, so do the levels of risk.  We help you prevent internal or external theft, complacency in operational safety and security, and meet the demand of local and state compliance requirements. We manage risk so you can focus on business continuity.  We have developed effective and efficient plans with multi-layered control measures for every size operation. 

Surveillance Technology

Design, install and manage electronic surveillance plans customized to your operational size and budget.  Enhance surveillance inside and outside of your operation with easy access 24/7. To protect your premises, you need a layered approach to security.  We accomplish this by utilizing advanced technologies such as sensors, facial/license plate recognition, geofencing, alerts, building fortification, alarms, access control and more.

Intelligence Fusion Center Services

Fusion security and Intelligence Services designed to enhance or develop clients' security operations.  Real-time incident reporting, alerts, risk mitigation and investigation accessible to your organization 24/7 connected to local law enforcement and first responders. Customizable to one or multi-business locations.

Secured Logistics

Heavily structured tactical style movements by experienced Special Operations background security teams.  Trained, specialized in armed secured logistic moves world-wide. Resources implemented during moves include armored vehicles, surveillance inside vehicles, monitoring, alerts, emergency dispatching to law enforcement and first responders, geofencing/move trackers, run-flat tires and  quick reactionary force (QRF) tactics to guarantee security of any and all movements.  

Intelligence Platforms

INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard - Single platform dashboard, customized to fit the way our clients have access to the monitoring of their investment.  From social media monitoring to surveillance used to track assets, connecting all  technologies deployed for overall operations and product management onto a single source.

Physical Security 

Licensed and experienced subject matter experts in the field of security operations conducting armed or unarmed guard services, covert or overt security operations, security managers for cannabis or hemp growers or dispensaries. Management of single of multi-site security operations.

Executive & High Profile Client

Armed and unarmed executive and high profile personalized security services managed and conducted by professionals with experience in government, celebrity and heads of state security details. Operationally sound and committed to confidentiality, safety and wellbeing of our clients. 

Compliance & Training

We assess and develop customized security plans, policies and procedures assisting in licenses for growers or distribution of licensed cannabis businesses.  One-on-one or group safety and security training to enforce policies and procedures.  Training in threat detection, incident reporting, active shooter, basic medical and more. We will provide the training to keep you compliant to the laws governing your business.






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Internal and external vulnerabilities will make you a target for criminals or opportunist to challenge your people, assets, investment and even your life. Take a proactive approach to safety and security. Make the move today, by contacting us.