Physical Security Services 

Green Group Global LLC was established in 2013 as a licensed security and investigative firm in Oklahoma.  We are a full service security firm providing a multi-layered approach to risk mitigation and physical security to a diverse group of clients.  The current norm in the provision of physical security is to provide detection and response measures. While our competitors focus on surveillance, and some deterrence techniques, we at Green Group also focus on innovation, security counter threat measures combining both human intelligence, and technology. Green Group’s process begins with understanding the needs of client's and listening to their concerns. To deliver unbiased assessments concerning current and future projects, we conduct relevant quantitative and qualitative fact-finding research, ensure data is properly collected, analyzed, interpreted and stored.

The utilization of crowd-sourcing information, multi-modal analytics, data mining, object-based analysis, use of geospatial technology, link analysis, social media monitoring, with advanced skills of analysts, investigators enhance our tools to maximize our services and provide clients with a monolithic process of protection.

Our services and tools when combined can be used to customize security and safety procedures, policies and operations to any size organization midful of budgets, time, and confidentiality.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Personalized service driven to assist our clients Implement cost effective and efficient risk mitigation strategies.

Investigative Works

Green Group utilizes the latest technology and computerized informational resources along with superior Detectives’ skills to provide clients with the best benefits of corporate entities and individual citizens.

Surveillance Technology

Design, deploy, and implement intelligence data collection technology to efficiently employ big data for the mitigation of risk, and maximized decision making .

Intelligence Fusion Center Services

Open source and Fusion Intelligence Services designed to enhance or develop clients' security operations.  Real-time incident reporting, alerts, risk mitigation and investigation accessible to your organization through our INSIGHT Analytical Dashboard login. 

Surveillance Equipment

Enterprise VMS, Video Analytics and IP Cameras are purpose-built for mission-critical, highly dispersed and complex security environments.  Integration of innovative camera systems with facial and license plate recognition, alerts, geo-fencing, asset tracking and more.  

Intelligence Platforms

INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard - Single platform dashboard, customized to fit the way our clients work.  From social media monitoring, connecting surveillance equipment, project management onto a single source allows our clients to develop or enhance their overall security operations. 

Physical Security Upgrades

Open source and Fusion Intelligence Services designed to enhance or develop clients' security operations.  Real-time incident reporting, risk mitigation and investigation.

Executive & High Profile Client

Armed and unarmed executive and high profile personalized security services.  conducted by professionals with experience in government, celebrity and heads of state security.

Security Planning & Training

Situational Intelligence - Enhances Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities and advanced tactical proficiency training. 
Dispatch - Advanced alert systems and parameters settings for real time security services.

Software Systems Platforms


GREEN GROUP has chosen to use the best in intelligence technology.  Over forty years of development and implemented analytical/cyber software application for multiple purpose use, Green Group hardware is enhanced through a series of intelligence software designed by the leading manufacturers in the industry.  Partnered with Verint, a publicly traded firm, we deploy towards large scale operations platforms to continue to pave the way in analytics.  To enhance our services in security, Green Group utilizes the tools found within Verint's programs to create reachability to other demographics and applications.

Verint Situational Awareness Platform provides unprecedented visibility and insights that enhance security and safety efforts.

By collecting Actionable Intelligence from virtually any number of systems/sensors, such as video surveillance, access controls, HVAC, parking, and mobile locations - decision makers are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently and share information internally.

We also connect these capabilities to our own designed single platform dashboard to create a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies - INSIGHT Analytical Dashboard.  Weather we utilize Verint platform, our own we provide 360 degree Situational Awareness view of threat, the secured environment(s) -  what best solution fits your project, budget, and goal, we provide our clients real-time response time, lowers costs and increases operational efficiency.


One Screen Solution

Maximize analysis, response, investigation, evidence gathering, incident reconstruction, and reporting.  One dashboard enable pre-planning and coordination across stakeholders, while automating operating procedures.

Scalable Security Platform

With existing equipment, we can begin and expand as required.  Wide range of integrations with sub-systems can deliver strategic extensions of overall system capabilities. Enhancing operation capabilities incorporating multiple platforms such as Dispatch, Enterprise VMS, Fusion Center Management.

Optimize ROI & Security Operations 

ROI can be realized by implementing solutions proposed through a comprehensive risk assessment.  Through our services we will lower incident, faster risk mitigation and incident handling time;  faster response time, dispatch and investigation closeout; fewer false alarms, with instant or continuous field communications, enabled status updates, and first responder cooperation and collaboration.

Network Intelligence

Data mining solutions utilized to help our clients prevent crime and terror and protect assets. Using domain expertise, intelligence methodologies, advanced mass and target analytics technologies and decades of successful global network intelligence experience.

Web Intelligence

Designed by security intelligence experts. Web Intelligence platform is a vital tool for the collection and analysis of non-stop data from open source web, social networks, blogs, news sites, and deep/dark nets. Covertly uncover, analyze, and interact with internet's rabbit trails of clues to confirm suspect profiles, reconstruct social circles, engage targets, and generate evidence.

Intelligence Fusion Center Services

An all-source intelligence investigation platform, OMNIX enables us to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of apparently disconnected information. By fusing and alalyzing virtually all types of data, such as population registries, databases, financial reports, border control records, SIGNIT, VISINT, and the open source web, authorities can perform proactive investigations against ongoing threats.

Cyber Security

Through our processes of collecting data, our cyber security capabilities combat cyber threats.  Our Fusion Center is equipped with augmented behavioral analytics, adding Virtual Analysis that automate the process of detecting, investigating and responding to advanced cyber-attacks and drive intelligence into security operations. We offer multiple deployable packages of services to match the scale of need and organization. 

Situational Intelligence

Seeing more is better, it allows us to do more for our clients, without the need of uncessary assets.  We improve security responsiveness and realize greater operational efficiency.   By unifying a range of new and existing sensors and systems into a centralized environment, our operational coverage is expanded.  Real time, relevant and accurate information is provided in order to facilitate effective decision making. 

Video and Security (VMS) 

Managing a video network and thousands of cameras and relying on people to surveil to identify and respond to threats or incidents, brings challenges.  These challenges cause vulnerability and gaps of efficiency.  Data management made simple is possible through flexible, open and user friendly design of data migration. Ultra redundant systems design, video management software, server and camera based behavior and security analytics, IP cameras and encoders.  

Green Group Security Intelligence Solutions are accomplished through:

  • VMS streamlines video security operations to help rapidly make sense of the vast volumes of video and data captured.
  • Automated system health monitoring and event responses, investigation management, a software-based virtual matrix.
  • Interactive facility maps, a powerful and intuitive video viewing interface, an ultra-thin client for remote/mobile users and more.
  • Scalable, powerful, and easy-to-use IP video management platform that adds value to physical security investments.
  • View live video, playback recorded video (single or multiple synchronized streams), PTZ control, Export Video, and Guard Tours.
  • Video Timeline enhanced Playback Control.
  • Interactive map display of facility layouts and camera locations, with alarm status and “hover over” preview.
  • Seamless intelligence through Surveillance Analytics.
  • Integration with License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Face Recognition.
  • Edge storage support for SD cards within the camera.
  • IP intercom and Help Point integration.
  • Cross-site network-based distribution of live and recorded video, audio, and alarms to video walls, analog monitors and HD monitors.
  • Mobile device view integration, anytime and anywhere.
  • Quick turn-around of evidentiary video for safeguarding evidence and close-out investigations. Includes video, sound and WebBrowser shared data view.
  • Central Console functionality management, to include control of user control management, privacy views, system health monitoring and compliancy.
  • Secured with the latest in firmware, system alerts, audit trails, filtering and reporting.
  • Automated responses for an array ofreal-time security alarms. Event managing, perimeter control, sequence, timing, and number of events.
  • Tampering on system alerts, motion detection, access control events, VMS Alarming Services integrations, XML integrations and more.
  • Global View, Multi-site, autonomous operations, collaborative, or mixed operations capabilities.
  • All systems designed to use industry standard protocols.
  • Alerts, sensors, and geofencing capabilities allows for control of high traffick areas, with people count and I.D. 



Lower overall operating costs, and advance your security initiatives to the next level by allowing us to expand your security capabilities.