Proactive solutions designed to safeguard our schools

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – Parkland, Florida

“The common theme is here, and you can hear in the Florida broadcast, we never thought this could happen here,”  Lombardo said. “Number two these killers somehow telegraph their actions 90 percent of the time.”

Pearl High School Shooting - Pearl, Mississippi

“I would’ve never guessed that Luke (Woodham) would do something like he did .  None of it makes sense to me.”  – Eric Pendergrass (Pearl High School Sophomore student at time of shooting)

Virgiania Tech - Virginia

“A mass shooting won’t happen to me.  Not at my school, and not in my community.” – Lisa Hamp, Virginia Tech shooting survivor Article, May 18, 2018

After Sandy Hook we said never again.  And then we let 1,686 mass shootings happen. 

Parkland School Shooting - Tallahassee

“To let these victims’ lives be taken without any change in return is an act of treason to our great country” – “What we must do now is enact change because that is what we do to things that fail: We change them.” 



The application of Situational Intelligence Solutions (SIS) provides organizations critical insight into what is happening in their environments so security operations established can identify, evaluate, and respond more efficiently to incidents when they occur.  Over time, these solutions identify trends, streamline responses, and allow organizations take a proactive approach to mitigating risks before they escalate.  


Green Group Situational Intelligence Solution is empowered by Verint, a publicly traded firm (Nasdaq: VRNT), a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions.  We have chosen the best tools to enhance our capabilities and guarantee our clients the best in intelligence gathering, analytics, data mining, reporting, validating and investigations.  Our security and investigative firm’s capabilities in training, Fusion Center functions, with Verint technology platforms, makes Green Group the added valued partner required to mitigate and prevent the risks presented by domestic terrorism and targeted violence against our schools.  The solution we propose is diverse, multi-layered, heavy on technology, flexible, and reliable. 

The solutions we propose is monolithic and offers the following multi-functions:   

Comprehensive Risk Assessments & Risk Mitigation

A critical process required before implementing any security risk mitigation strategy is the completion of a comprehensive risk assessment (CRA).  The CRA allows us to identify existing, and potential risks.  Clients receive a risk matrix and scoring; Mitigation Strategy Plan (MSP); Communication Plan and Security Implementation Plan.   

Web and Social Intelligence

Designed by security intelligence experts, the web intelligence platform is a vital tool for the collection and analysis of non-stop real time data from open source web, social networks, blogs, news sites, deep web, dark web and local, state and federal databases when collaboration is integrated with law enforcement/defense agencies.   Covertly uncover, analyze, and even interact with the internet’s never-ending rail of clues to build suspect profiles, reconstruct social circles, engage targets, and generate evidence. 

Situational Intelligence, Video & Security Services

We implement the absolute best high-definition surveillance solutions, deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.  Our components can work together in an end-to-end solution or work with existing systems to enhance their current capabilities.  Powerful and scalable solutions that monitor, recognize, alert, record audio and video, day or night, 24/7/365.

Our Fusion Center functionality is to control, interface, and manage full control over surveillance video playback, quick retrievel for investigative works and response times.

Physical security & Training – training for law enforcement, school administration and students on situational awareness, safety and security skill development against active shooter attacks.

Dispatch Manager (VDM) & Face Detect

Dispatch Manager unifies disparate command center technologies and security staff by fusing critical data inputs from emergency calls, on-scene responder activity and even citizen-captured videos to drive pinpoint response and enhance situational awareness.  With traditional command centers relying mostly on radio and phone transmissions, situational insight is very limited! With DM, we oversee a situation and direct the full spectrum of an organization’s field response.  Situational command and control is transformed to an optimized level and is intelligence-driven. 

FaceDetect Video Analytics portfolio provides advanced analytics solutions for real-world problems. Facial recognition has long been a challenge for security professionals seeking to scale their operations and answer a critical question – how can we find people who are not allowed on premises, without relying on security staff to be present and attentive to the specific camera the moment the suspect arrives.

Project Planning, Installation and Integration

Security Master Plan.  Our project managers insure the security architectural design is implemented successfully to go-live. From design, to installation, to integration – Green Group staff will always be professional, on time, and customer service oriented. We also offer mobile surveillance capabilities for construction phase of project in order to safeguard the process of implementation.    

Network Intelligence

Data mining solutions help prevent crimes and terror and protect the most important asset, life.  Combining domain expertise, intelligence methodologies, advanced mass & target analytics technologies, with successfu global network intelligence and human intelligence.