Security Solutions for Schools and Higher Education

Mitigating all sorts of safety and security risks associated with school violence, and acts of terrorism.


Education board members, and our government are having open discussions about ways to better protect schools from gun violence. Unfortunately, most of the ideas suggested or implemented lack the required security lenses or admitting that the root problems are deeper than just gun ownership, leaving gaps in security and preventative measures.  Numerous opinions result in added confusion when it comes to finding the most effective and efficient methods in identifying, mitigating and managing security.  Ideas range from arming teachers, barricading classrooms, equipping schools to fight back, building bunkers or adding armed guards with some technology in the mix. These methods when combined can work, but there is more that can be done to stay steps ahead of the threat.

Meanwhile, active shooter incidents continue to rise, as well as threats to schools. Now into 2019 and the problem still grows. Politicians use it to gain votes, groups use it to push gun control agendas, meanwhile the masses grow frustrated on both sides and a unified solution seems impossible.  We can discuss gun control as the catch all solution, but we all know the problem of violence in schools and our society overall stem from bigger, deeper issues that took generations to create. The challenge is, what plan for school security is the best one because it works and what solution takes into account key players and budgets. How do we get to implementation and continuity for safety and security programs in the Educational sector that bring about results? 



Safe School™ - Incorporates Situational Intelligence (SIS) platform capabilities to provide critical insight into what is happening within the environments so key players in security can identifyevaluate, and respond more efficiently.  We don't just identify to react, we identify to project.  It infuses a proactive approach to security.  Not longer do we just react to incidents that threaten the safety and security of educational institutes, whether private or government operated. Preventive measure allow us to identify trends, streamline responses that allow for decisions that create layers of protection to mitigate risks before they escalate.  They key here is forecasting in order to prevent. We incorporate as a one turnkey solution multi-layered surveillance, intelligence gathering technology with redundant alert systems, non-stop data analysis, mixed with human intelligence, training and networking to create a monolithic approach. We propose using the same technology we have used to protect major infrastructure projects, and large enterprise to protect what matters most, our future generation.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments & Risk Mitigation

A critical process required before implementing any security risk mitigation strategy is the completion of a comprehensive risk assessment (CRA).  The CRA allows us to identify existing, and potential risks.  We provide risk matrix and scoring to design or revamp Mitigation Strategy Plans (MSP); Communication Plan and Security Implementation Plans.

Network Intelligence

Data mining solutions help prevent crimes and terror and protect the most important asset - life.  Combining domain expertise, intelligence methodologies, advanced mass and target analytics technologies, with successful global network intelligence and human intelligence.  What technology intelligence gathers is validated through human investigative works.

Web and Social Intelligence

Designed by security intelligence experts, the web intelligence platform is a vital tool for the collection and analysis of non-stop real time data from open source web, social networks, blogs, news sites, deep web, and dark web. Collaboration with pre-exhisting databases from local, state and federal agencies. Covertly uncover, analyze, and even interact with the internet's never-ending rail of clues to build suspect profiles, reconstruct social circles, engage targets, and generate evidence.

Dispatch Manager (VDM) & Face Detect

Dispatch Manager unifies disparate command center technologies and security staff by fusing critical data inputs from emergency calls, on-scene responder activity, and even citizen-captured videos to drive pinpoint response and enhance situational awareness.  With traditional command centers relying mostly on radio and phone transmissions, situational insight is very limited! With DM, we oversee a situation and direct the full spectrum of an organization's field response.  Situational command and control is transformed to an optimized level and is intelligence-driven.

Situational Intelligence, Video & Security Services

Delivering unprecedented intelligence to help organizations increase overall safety and security situational awareness, improve security responsiveness and planning is what Green Group is committed to doing.  Situational Awareness Platform provides a solution to help modernize security operation centers such as ours, by automating critical functions.

From virtually any number of systems/sensors, such as video surveillance, access controls, HVAC, parking, and mobile locations, decision makers are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently and share information easily with multiple agencies, employees, citizens, or first responders. By creating a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies, the Situational Awareness platform and INSIGHT by Green Group improves visibility, response time, lowers costs and increases operational efficiency.

Project Planning, Installation and Integration

Security Master Plan.  Our project managers insure the security architectural design is implemented successfully to go-live. From design, to installation, to integration – Green Group staff will remain ethical, professional, accessible, and customer service driven following stringent privacy acts as well as confidentiality.  ***Maintenance packages vary.



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