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Safe Neighborhoods ™

Green Group is committed to enhancing the safety and security of our communities, world wide.  Acts of domestic terrorism and natural disasters propose challenges accross multiple continents.  Ways to mitigate these security threats and safety issues are discussed continuosly; but we lack implementation.  The negative impacts experienced among us all affect the core of our communities.  Business owners, home buyers,  government, and community supporting organizations have to work together to create a closed network of intelligence and security.  We at Green Group, know that the solution is not one dimentional, but must incorporate multiple layers of security methods.  

“Safe Neighborhoods™” was birthed from a concept Green Group designed and implemented on multiple Corporate Villages it secured and managed in the Middle East under Department of Defense and Department of State contracts.  These Corporate Villages consisted of neighborhoods, housing international and US dignitaries, Fortune 100 companies and investors in the Middle East.  Layers of surveillance and security measures were required and combined a vast amounts of sensors, fusing multiple data resources into one operational system. Overt and covert security methods were utilized, marrying the latest in surveillance and intelligence technology.  We developed communication, mitigation, and evacuation plans; coordinated all action plans with law enforcement, first responders, Department of Defense, Department of State and multiple special operations agencies.  Combining actionable intelligence with human intelligence and a seamless collaboration with key players is the answer we look to bring forward today to keep our neighbohoods alert and safe. 

We are driven by the need to find solutions to complex problems.  Green Group, as an organization, understands the importance of being pro-active to be preemtive.  So, we developed a panel comprised of subject matter experts (SME).  This panel created of experts, relevant to the subject discussed, was comprised of: land developers, law enforcement, counter terrorism, intelligence, special operations, risk mitigation, education administrators, physical security and cyber security professionals.  We openly discussed the issues presented by domestic terrorism today; we identified the lack of funding, training and collaboration between first responder and other community service organizations.  We looked at school shootings, hate crimes and evaluated the tools and plans in place.  The lack of consistency in communication, roles identified, skills, detection, surveillance and reporting, just to name a few, resulted in life causing mistakes.  How can we prevent these things from spreading from schools, places of workship, malls, and venues into our neighborhoods?

We take our expertise, already proven capabilities and intelligence technology modules to create a multiple layer intelligence driven security network.  The application process of our services remain the same, the end-user is the only thing that changes.  And, why not?  We have applied these same methods to safeguard multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects and enterprises.  We create a network of communities, working cohesively with law enforcement and first reponders, surveilled 24/7/365 by high-definition solutions that deliver real time data, for quicker response and maximum coverage.

What is the Safe Neighborhoods™ Design?  It is more than just cameras and surveillance equipment. It is intelligence maximizing security functions. Time is critical, and that is what the capabilities allow, real time data to solve real-world problems. We leverage technology, vast expertise and software platforms with fourty years of proven application across the world.  We gather, assess, evaluate and disseminate  information, accurately, quicker and more efficiently.  

Capabilities clients gain implementing our design include but are not limited to: 

  • Incident Reporting
  • Dispatching
  • Safety and Security Policies and Procedure development and enforcement
  • Video Tracking
  • Subsystem Integration
  • WebAlerts
  • Facial ID/License Plate Recognition
  • Analytical Support/Fusion Center Data Intelligence Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Traffic Analysis:  Vehicle Speed, Tailgating, Crossing alerts and monitors
  • Perimeter Alerts and Monitors
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Be-On-Look-Out (BOLO) alerts
  • Entry/Access Control, and more…… 

Who should implements Safe Neighborhoods™ Design? Everyone. Land Developers, local, state and federal government agencies involved in the planning or improving of communities.  Business owners, architectural firms, anyone involved in the design-build process of developing gated communities, shopping centers, government buildings, schools, places of worship, military installations and more.  

This is the future of community development and management. Integrating technology to cover a wider spectrum, with bigger functionalities, with less assets and lower operational costs is what we offer.  Just as safe cities have become a priority in urban planning and development, at a smaller scale same concept, the need to develope real safe neighborhoods must also be a priority.  Today, the technology is much more affordable, and our solutions are scalable.  

Why is designing and developing Safe Neighborhoods™ important?
For developers, fast sales, return on investments (ROI) and making a positive impact. Imagine being able to show a home-buyer how his family and investment is protected beyond the in-home surveillance system.  Now you can inform them of the extra safety and security features that come with being part of a home owner in your development.  You can proudly post the Safe Neighborhood™ placard at the entry of your development, a true Safe Neighborhood. 

Postulated development of events to consider:

  • Surveillance equipment safeguarding the neighborhood has license-plate and facial recognition. Data gathered is scanned through local, state and federal databases to detect persons that may raise a threat to your family.  Alerts are immediately sent to those programmed to alert, including law enforcement, security and the home-owners. Security policies and measures are immediately activated.


  • Alerts, BOLO’s, are programmed and established to report suspicious vehicles, alert of unauthorized personnel, warn of perimeter breaches, sharing of event notices or calls to action shared on a secured platform. 


  • Natural Disasters – WebAlerts allow families to ping their status and control accountability of members in their community, first responders and law enforcement are immediately dispatched for quicker response time, meanwhile, neighborhood disaster preparedness plan is immediately implementing.   

How do we identify risks?
We follow industry standards and identify risks by implementing a series of threat and risk mitigation strategies.  We begin by conducting a Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA).  From the result of the CRA, a risk matrix is developed.  The Risk Matrix has a risk scoring systems that allows us to prioratize mitigation strategies.  This is all captured in an extensive Risk Mitigation Strategy (RMS) Plan; a plan that provides a roadmap of practices, methods, policies, and tools required to mitigate idenfied risks. The management of surveillance equipment, and intelligence platforms are managed from our Fusion Center with the highest of cyber security measures the industry offers.  All these functions, when placed together, offer end-to-end solutions.   

What is the process to implement a Safe Neighborhoods™ Design?
The process begins with an initial meet and greet.  It is important that you, know our team.  We need to hear about your project, the players, the location(s), and the intent.  Our security specialist work with Architectural Firms through the design-build phase of any project; recommending solutions that are scalable in size and budgets.  We provide the technology and the installers.  Our project managers insure the security architectural design is implemented successfully to go-live. From design, to installation, to integration – Green Group staff will always be professional, on time, and customer service oriented. We also offer mobile surveillance capabilities for construction phase of project in order to safeguard the process of implementation.  


Government Facilities

Courts, Police Stations, Town Halls,  Military Installations, Training Centers

Local Infrastructure

Schools, Universities, Training Facilities, places of worship, 

Major Infrastructure

Construction Projects, Conservation Parks, Dams, Ports


Small or large business such as manufacturers, car dealerships, logistic centers, farms, restaurants, shopping centers, event  centers, town centers

Technology used to keep the future of our communities safe?

Contact us to learn more of our capabilities and their application to community based security development.  Learn more about our TRAINING capabilities, by visiting the SERVICES section of our website!  All our efforts are for not, if we do not focus on the importance of training key players in the skills of situational awareness, security methods and skills. 

Green Group has designed courses that prepare law enforcement, school administrators and community leaders in the latest methodologies and techniques required to implement advanced safety and security measures.  Great for homeowners associations, neighborhood disaster preparedness planning committees, and neighborhood watch programs. 

The design of developing safe neighborhoods crosses over to the development of Safe Schools™
Lear more about this program by visiting our SOLUTIONS section of our website.