Safe Neighborhoods ™

Residential and Gated Community Security Solutions

"Safe Neighborhoods™" – is a single screen monitoring, multi-platform, security and intelligence surveillance network designed to provide 360 view of multi-structure and residential gated communities.  The design of this program utilizes a single-point intelligence environment to automate the workflow, making it easier to collect, engage, investigate, and report safety and security breaches.  Overt and covert surveillance methods are deployed and carried out by intelligence and security experts, without disturbing the way of life of families or businesses.  Mitigation strategies include continuous sharing of real-time information, as well as training and collaboration between key players such as law enforcement agents and first responders.  The result, a highly effective and efficient cohesive network of technology and people working around the clock to obtain deep situational awareness and insight for faster response time.  

What is the Safe Neighborhoods™ Design?  Safe Neighborhoods™ is more than just cameras and surveillance equipment.  Safe Neighborhoods™ is designed to optimally gather, assess, evaluate, and disseminate information, accurately, quickly and efficiently.  Green Group leverages technology,  software platforms, and vast expertise, with proven application across the world.  The design of our security solutions include and provide clients with the following capabilities:

  • Develop and Enforce Safety and Security Policies and Procedure
  • Incident Reporting
  • Dispatching
  • Video Surveillance and Data Analysis
  • Subsystem Integration
  • Web Alerts / Mobile Phone Identification
  • Facial ID/License Plate Recognition
  • Analytical Support/Fusion Center Data Intelligence Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Traffic Analysis:  vehicle speed, tailgating with alerts
  • Perimeter Monitoring and Alert Capabilities
  • Emergency Alerts:  (weather, missing person, fire detection)
  • Be-On-Lookout (BOLO) Alerts
  • Web Intelligence
  • Crowdsourcing
  • External Databases
  • Entry/Access Control, and more......

Who needs to implement a Safe Neighborhoods™ network?
Everyone involved in the engineering, construction or management of new neighborhoods or improvements of existing ones. 

Green Group Safe Neighborhoods  solution can help protect and monitor an array of diverse locations such as gated communities, shopping centers, government facilities, and enterprises with first-rate image clarity and maximum coverage.  

This is the future of community development and management. What we offer is integrated technology to cover a wider spectrum, with greater functionality, utilizing less assets and lowering operational costs.  Just as safe cities have become a priority in urban planning and development, so has the demand to connect neighborhoods to intelligence driven networks for increased security measures. Today, the technology is more affordable, and  the solutions are scalable.

Why is designing and developing Safe Neighborhoods™ important?
For developers, fast sales and a high-return on investment (ROI) is beneficial in growing a company. However, what is more important is making a positive impact in the way people live and secure their most important asset, family.  Imagine a realestate agent being able to show a home-buyer how his family and investment is protected beyond the capabilities of a typical home surveillance system. The added safety and security features made possible by Safe Neighborhoods™ provides added value for the home owner, and creates an advantage for the firm to differentiate its offerings from competitor.  The real estate firm can proudly advertise the Safe Neighborhood™ placard at the entry of its development and attract new buyers, and guarantee the confidentiality, protection of data,  and privacy laws are enforced in the process.

Examples of applications:

  • Detect Security Breach. License-plate and facial recognition surveillance equipment instantly scans data from real time feed against state or federal databases and automatically notifies key personnel when a breach is detected. 
  • Set Secure Perimeter. The system can be set to secure a perimeter at specific times or dates by using night sensors, night vision capabilities, and persons count and movement analysis via cctv cameras.
  • Natural Disasters. Web Alerts allow families to ping their status and gain accountability of members in their community. Additionally, the system can automatically alert first responders and law enforcement for immediate dispatch while, neighborhood disaster preparedness plan is implementing.   

How do we identify and manage risks?
We follow industry standards to identify and manage risks by implementing a series of threat and risk mitigation strategies. 

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA)
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy (RMS) Plan
  • Intelligence Fusion Center Functions
  • Network of surveillance and alert systems
  • Roadmap of policies, plans and practices
  • Audits
  • Continuous assessments and reviews
  • Forecasting and training 

How do you implement a Safe Neighborhoods™ Design?
The process is fast, scalable and cost effective.  We begin with a Comprehensive Risk Assessment to identify the risks and design the absolute best surveillance holistic solution for the organization. Our components can work together in an end-to-end solution, integrating with existing systems to enhance current capabilities.  Green Group's functions are to monitor and alert using the network established within your environment.  From planning, integration, commissioning and maintenance, Green Group staff will always be professional, ethical, and  accessible.  


Government Facilities

Courts, police stations, town halls,  military installations, training centers, and more....

Local Infrastructure

Schools, universities, training facilities, places of worship, public buildings, event centers and more... 

Major Infrastructure

Construction projects, conservation parks, dams, ports, pipelines, and more...


Small or large business such as manufacturers, car dealerships, logistic centers, farms, restaurants, shopping centers, farms, and more....

Technology enhancing the way we secure our communities?

Contact us to learn more of our capabilities and their application to community based security development.  Learn more about our TRAINING capabilities, by visiting the SERVICES section of our website!  All our efforts are for not, if we do not focus on the importance of training key players in the skills of situational awareness, security methods and skills. 

Green Group has designed courses that prepare law enforcement, school administrators and community leaders in the latest methodologies and techniques required to implement advanced safety and security measures.  Great for homeowners associations, neighborhood disaster preparedness planning committees, and neighborhood watch programs.

The design of developing safe neighborhoods crosses over to the development of Safe Schools™
Lear more about this program by visiting our COMMUNITY section of our website.