Advanced planning is the key to surviving any Crisis. Specially one that targets the reputation of your firm. Where a "Crisis" refers to an unexpected unplanned situation or threat upon your business, the process of how these threats are dealt with is Crisis Management.  

Malevolence is a type of crisis, and it happens as a result of extreme tactics organized by competitors or saboteurs to derail your operation, profit, and reputation.  An act of malevolence includes cyber-attacks, social media smearing campaigns, false witnesses, call-to-action by threat actors, bullying and more. Your vulnerabilities are used to propel an attacks against an individual, a department, a project or the entire organization. 


Using industry-leading intelligence and analytical tools, a network of investigators, dedicated analysts, intelligent-based techniques and real life experiences, is how we empower our clients develop plans that are specific to their organization.  We assess, plan, and mitigate continuously using Actionable intelligence and network monitoring which permits us to project actions by others. We emphasize network and physical security "hardening" a term we use to change clients from being easy targets, to more proactive, shielded organizations. Education of staff, implementing policies, check and balances assist us in creating realistic shields of protection.  

The best prevention of a crisis is preparation!  Yes, expect a crisis to happen at one point in your organization.  Some are more difficult to bounce back than others, while others one cannot bounce back from at all.


From our own experience, we know what is at stake when others seek to sabotage, meddle, and undermine your hard work and reputation.  Threats to consider are both internal and external, many times business owners place their guard down for those closest to their operations. A third party entity with no emotional connections, an outsiders look is effective. We have experience implementing security plans by people seniorned in security and investigative industry.   


So we set on a mission to take our lessons learned and find ways to empower firms by providing means to gather data, quickly and effectively.  We also developed packages that firms can easily afford to conduct internal or external vulnerability assessments.  Process program we follow are: 

Conduct Vulnerability Assessment on:
Cyber Infrastructure
Physical Security 
Operational Policies for Security

Implement Risk Mitigation Strategies and Plans: 
Generate a risk matrix to develop best suited procedures, policies, communication plans and security infrastructure upgrades

Monitor Brand Sentiment & conduct market analysis/investigation:
Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Platform -  INSIGHT Analytical Dashboard - clients are provided access to their own analytical dashboard to monitor social media and receive a series of intelligence reports with real-time data gathered by our expert data and intelligence analysts. 

We develop curriculum and conduct inhouse training for departments or entire organizations seeking to implement or enhance security measures.  
Our overall mission is to positively "harden" your organization. When your organization is "hardened" you no longer are a soft target for others to attack. 


Getting that buy-in from your partners, shareholders, employees, and contractors is accomplished when you share the costs associated with dealing with an unforeseen crisis.  The costs associated with hiring a Crisis Management Firm, legal fees, potential decline or loss of clients, sponsors, or stakeholders, is costlier.  Added value is in the preparation from the bottom up on having strong data as evidence, prepared team to de-escalate, capture or report a situations - the inhouse tools that provide effective surveillance is priceless.  We have developed software and service packages scalable to any organization. 


Social Media Monitoring

Provide insight by monitoring social media (open, closed and deep-dark-web), conduct deep-dives by fusing analytical tools with web-alerts for continuous scanning.  Our social media monitoring has supported the Energy Sector (ES), Department of State (DoS), Fortune 500 firms, and Agriculture.

Litigation Support

From pre-trial to post-judgement, intelligence based analytics, investigative works and verification of gathered data makes the process of preparing for litigation effective and efficient for law firms so they can serve their Clients with powerful evidence. Green Group provides fact finding, Asset Verification, Background Checks, Deep-dives for witness vetting.


Internal investigation of networks, malevolence, fraud, vendor integrity, collusion, sabotage and more.
We equip leadership with facts to empower better decision making and protect the integrity of its operations or use the evidence for use in a court of law.

Protect your investment. Anytime, Anywhere


Pricing Structure for Investigative Services

Vulnerability Assessments - physical or network

Identification of current internal and external risks physical and reputational risks. Implement or improve security posture, respond to threats, automate vulnerability, archive data for evidence.

Security/Investigations/threat mitigation/risk mitigation/vulnerability

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Background Checks - Basic or Advanced

Conduct background checks on individuals or organizations.  Includes criminal, financial, associations, liability in hiring, mergers, acquisitions, contract verification, claims, and more. 

Security/Investigations/threat mitigation/risk mitigation/vulnerability

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Social Media Monitoring

Active, and consistent monitoring of social media networks; open source, closed, dark and deep web scanning.  Create social media risk profiles, deep dives and investigations of organizations or people to protect your organization. Timely and effective communication planning and facilitate brand protection.

Proactive/Ddeep-dive/networking/communication strategies/campaigns/In the "Know"

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Investigative Services

Search and examine for fact-finding, gathering and verifying data for the purpose of accumulating effective evidence for claim resolutions, litigation and overall decision making. Methods of investigation include surveillance, analytical technology, physical investigations, working with client's legal and collaboration with local, state and federal organizations.

Surveillance/fact-finding/motive/cause/expose truth/examine/archive/resolve

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Litigation Support or Dispute Resolution

Services to support litigation for a wide array of industries, with international reach for background investigations, by certified and accredited investigators, using innovative analytical and surveillance tools. Investigate instances of malevolence, and issues related to disputes before, during, or after the initiation of legal proceedings. Tailored to the needs of the client, always supporting the legal strategies of law firms. Green Group brings to light the best information to manage any dispute, trial-ready evidence that will stand up in court.

Deep-dives social networks/background checks/history validation/electronic evidence/conducting interviews/asset location/connection link and data analysis/audio analysis/public record/surveillance

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