Providing our client's real time data, allows us to generate mitigation strategies to real-world security problems.  We do so by deploying customized intelligence analytical tools, innovative surveillance technology, and highly qualified group of individuals in order to maximize the services we provide to you.  We gathering, analyze, investigate and report data detrimental to your planning, decision making and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.


Connecting surveillance, analytical tools under one screen solution allows us to see more, so we can act faster.

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Conduct Comprehensive Risk Assessments to identify vulnerabilities, design risk mitigation procedures and processes, and implement security solutions to either enhance or establish security operations.  

Social media network monitoring in real time to identify and analyze trends, gaining quantifiable measure of sympathizers or opposition for marketing or investigative works.

Connect our customized intelligence dashboard INSIGHT, to new or pre-existing surveillance technology, creating a one screen solution for monitoring, reporting, and alerts for any scale project or location.

Generate customizable alerts, visual links, geospatial tracking, persons or asset identification, develop behavioral profiles, creating link analysis, and automated reporting.

Deploy licensed and qualified investigators throughout the United States and or Internationally to conduct human intelligence gathering and data validation.

Enhance intelligence operations through the utilization of actionable intelligence to gain deeper insight, enabling decision makers to anticipate, respond, plan and protect people, assets, and reputation.

Accelerate investigation capabilities through the implementation of state of the art intelligence gathering and surveillance technology, increasing data for litigation and closing claims.

Access to large data farms, and collaboration with Local, State, and Federal agencies as partners in the protection of citizens, and our nation.


Software is the cornerstone of our incredible intelligence gathering network system, which supports all major SAN, and NAS, whether NetApp, NEXSAN, EMC, DELL, Quantum or another leading brands.  Software compatibility allows us to replace or enhance the capabilities of surveillance equipment without interruption and save clients time and money during integration.

We deploy interactive A.I surveillance technology to enhance our security capabilities equipped with real time capturing data system, alerts, and alarms, providing full audit trail capabilities and Systems Health Checks.

Our integrated systems are so remarkable that we can boast, it is one of the few in the industry authorized to display the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seal of approval.

Coupled with our on the ground investigative capabilities and analytical tools, the information we provide empowers decision makers with real-time accurate data.  

When you are looking to establish or enhance your security operation with data analysis, intelligence fusion center functions, and continuous assessment of threat, the answer is Green Group threat intelligence as a service. 



  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Risk Calculation
  • Mitigation Strategies and effectiveness
  • Continuous updates on security threat analysis
  • Major infrastructure, government, security sensitive sights


  • Risk Mitigation
  • Communication Plans
  • Crisis Management & Preparedness
  • Regulatory Policy & Compliance


  • Technology & physical security collaboration
  • Signal & data gathering mining equipment
  • Advanced surveillance systems integration
  • Automation, reporting, & surveillance


  • Extended Resources
  • Subject Matter Experts 24/7 support
  • World-wide experience
  • All-source intelligence investigation platform
  • Enhanse security operation
  • Scalable, cross-organization data-sources