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Green Group INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard


INSIGHT is a Single Interface Solution used to display data collected from multi-network analytics, surveillance, monitoring, and reporting systems. INSIGHT, designed in-house by a team of IT experts, gives you data that impacts you or your organization at a glance. Customizable, scalable, and a solution for any industry, INSIGHT is a centralized view of our security, investigative, and intelligence operations. We give you the tools to enhanced and plan against risks. Have INSIGHT of who is seeking you, what is on the dark web, protect your personal data, gather evidence against threat actors - gain transparency of the security posture both physical and on the word wide web.

How does INSIGHT work?

      INSIGHT gives you a simplified single screen monitoring view of multi-intelligence and analytical tool platforms. The security and intelligence network is designed to provide you a 360 view of data collected and analyzed for you, about you. INSIGHT is a powerful tool for quicker, more accurate, impactful decision making.

      The design of this program utilizes a single-point intelligence environment to automate the workflow, making it easier to collect, engage, investigate, and report findings on identified and ever-changing threats.

      The data gathered from multiple sources of intelligence by both electronics and humans, whether overt or covert in nature, is performed with the highest of encryption, following all Federal Privacy Regulations, and managed with the highest of confidentiality.

      The purpose is to give you continuous access to data in real-time. You have the choice of single or multi-access logins or share all or some access to vital investigative players such as legal, or law enforcement.

      The outcome is a highly effective and efficient tool consisting of a cohesive network of technology and agents working around the clock to obtain deep situational awareness of the security landscape for insight into faster response and mitigation time to threats.

INSIGHT, Your Personalized Tool to Intelligence About You.


Access To Video Surveillance

Cross-site network-based distribution of live and recorded video, and alarm to video walls, analog monitors and DH monitors. Archived files of photos, surveillance evidence and meta-data files.

Actionable Insight

Powerful investigation management to enable quick turnaround of evidentiary data. Investigative reports archived, secured, and linked for direct client access. Constantly learning, adapting, and expanding capabilities in data gathering and verification.

Streamlined Response

Central console solution to access of data from multiple sources of intelligence gathering resources. Capable of one-person or multi-person log-in. With continuous updates and verification processes, real-time data allow for immediate response to alerts on threats.

Multi Project Platform

Access data for one or multiple projects under one organized view with the functionalities best suited for your project and needs. A powerful tool for any communication Fusion Center.

Fully Responsive, Evolutive Platform

We belive in innovation and continued development of machine learning technology and software enhancements. Our INSIGHT Analytical Dashboard is adaptive and ever evolving to maximize the functionalities to best serve you.

Improves Efficiency, Transparency & Visibility

Clients gain depth and a 360 degree visibility of security vulnerabilities, and risks. Efficiency is gained when intelligence is used to create proactive measures against threats.

Collect Data, at Any Scale

Customized to end-user driven views. On-demand or scheduled reporting with customizable data sets. Data is archived with meta-data for collection of evidence.

Offered Access Over Secured Cloud

The security of data while shared, and stored is imperative to the success of our operation. Protecting the information of our clients is accomplished through a series of encryption, multiple-authentication and identity management protocols.

Customized for the Way You Work

No two people or companies are the same, so why would you accept cookie-cutter solutions? We listen, evaluate, and create bespoke security plans that best suite you. We adapt to your needs and help you attain the security you need to safeguard what matters most to you.

Choose Your Plan

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