Protecting your operations, no matter the size


Green Group combines it's advanced security and investigative experience to uncover internal and external organizational vulnerabilities and risks. Together with our one screen scalable actionable intelligence platform the data gathered through a series of algorithms are analysed, verified, and presented as an invaluable tool to assist our clients implement risk mitigation strategies, operational procedures, communication plans, marketing, and crisis management strategies.

Intelligence - Utilizing the latest and greatest in actionable intelligence, we monitor sentiment of your brand through social media monitoring, intelligence gathering and data analysis.  Background checks and network analysis to support our investigations and provide you raw data for better planning.

Physical Security - Don't let your business be a soft target to physical or cyber attacks.  Implement less intrusive physical security technology that incorporates facial and license plate recognition, evidence gathering and archiving.  This equipment will keep track of operational productivity and enforces safety policies to protect your organization.

Training - Subject matter experts developed curriculum to teach, train, and enhance tactical or technical skills to improve overall operational success.  Scalable training for small departments or large organizations.


A proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities and threats, so that you can make fast and effective decisions to protect your people, assets, and reputation. Action is worry's worst enemy.

Fusion Center Functions

Single monitor platform that integrates data from multiple systems and sensors, video, intrusion, mobile devices, and human intelligence gathered data to enhance our clients overall security operations. Our solutions provide complete detection, response and planning for crisis management and physical security operations.

Unified Investigation Workflow

We integrate multiple advanced detection engines and provide a unified workflows for all investigations utilizing behavioral analytics, forensics and human intelligence supporting data.  Analyze attack paths, identify threat actors, enable remediation, and gain effective evidence. Establish milestone driven goals that lead towards successful implementation of turn-key security operations.

Experience & World-wide Network

We are not a start-up! In the contrary, we've been around since 2009. In 2013, we transitioned to Green Group Global and enhanced our services by focusing on technology to work smarter.  Established our experience working on some of the most challenging and rewarding projects in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Past performance includes working with a myriad of defense organizations, and private enterprises with turn-key security services.

Key Benefits

Reduce Risk

Slash the time from threat detection to resolution from weeks to minutes

Effective Alerts

Reduce 1000s of alerts to follow up each day to dozens of confirmed, fully documented incidents and reports

Increase Efficiency

Insight analytical dashboard by Green Group  enable our analysts at all levels to do much more through the power of automated investigation, data gathering and reporting faster 

Accelerate Response

To eradicate threats in just hours or minutes, instead of days

Collecting Effective Evidence

Develop evidence that will support your case in court, settle claims, and protect your  operation and reputation


Threat actors are proactively increasing their methods of attack to penetrate vulnerable points of an organization, no matter the size.  Crisis does not discriminate, and yes, it can happen to you. Take a proactive approach by identifying internal or external vulnerabilities that will negatively impact your organization.  

  • Detection -  conduct network penetration tests, comprehensive risk assessments, design and implementation of security measures through surveillance, sensors, and alert systems.  
  • Continuous Surveillance - real-time data consisting of video and audio,  simplify evidence collection and confirm or refute threats as they unfold.
  • Response - Orchestrate an attack response, based on Actionable Intelligence whether cyber or physical in nature; collaborating with key personnel within IT and Security divisions;  when physical threats are identified alerts and collaboration is possible with law agencies.
  • Investigate - intelligence gathering from open, closed, private, signal, and human intelligence utilizing licensed and certified investigators.  

Past Performance