The mission of Green Group Global is to be your number one solution for Actionable Intelligence.  Through our expertise and advanced technology, we will provide you the step-by-step support required to identify internal or external vulnerabilities, implement Risk Mitigation strategies that allow you to implement or enhance your organization’s Physical Security Operations (PSO).   Our mission is to also help you attain these security measures in an effective and cost-efficient way, so that you protect your people, your assets, and your brand.  The real-time vetted information we gather becomes your tool that allows you to make decisions supported by evidence and facts that ultimately impact the success of your efforts.  Our overall mission is to see you succeed, point blank.

Our vision is to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients that permit mitigation of all sorts of internal or external vulnerabilities and risks by using big data gathered through our designed one screen Actionable Intelligence solutions and make it accessible to the everyday business owner.  Our designed one-screen intelligence gathering solution can be retrofitted to fit the clients specific needs.

Our vision includes a service centric customer service approach.  It is what makes us unique and a little Old School and reliable.  Obsessively passionate about bringing our clients cost effective, user friendly solutions quickly.  Our vision includes longevity in what we do, and having a direct positive impact in developing real security solutions

We showcase our “solution driven” culture, especially when it comes to the complex security challenges communities face today such as: acts of targeted violence, sabotage, internal/external acts of malevolence on reputation smearing, disputes, litigation services, high-tech physical security, infrastructure security and more.  


Green Group's leadership team focuses on generating the best customer driven processes, fostering long term relationships, reliable services in security, utilizing inovovation and the latest technology, while expanding into new markets around the world.

Our Team

When combining with the wisdom of our subject matter experts, we provide organizations with critical insight, empowering and equip decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action to preemptively mitigate potential risks. We are public servants, from a diverse array of backgrounds and cultures, passionate about the security of communities world-wide.  In the industry of security and risk mitigation, it takes strong teams and dedicated individuals to achieve and monitor performance against our high expectations and requirements.  It is only through the fostering of a “One Team” approach, where together with our partners, vendors, and stakeholders, we continue to help foster a respectful workplace, wherever our clients need us.

Our team is comprised of a myriad of security and intelligence related professions with the desire to see our company goals not just met, but exceeded. As trainers, leaders, educators, and innovators in the field of security intelligence, we perseveringly work towards a common goal – mitigate risk, promote safety and security to protect those most vulnerable. Together we are in the business of implementing scalable security strategies that yield results.

Green Group’s insurmountable experience gained while working in international markets, on some of the most challenging of security environments have given our company multidimensional lenses when identifying risks and projecting trends, the psychology behind threat actors and the best ways to mitigate them.


At Green Group, corporate social responsibility refers to our commitment to operate our business in a way that reflects our faith and instills honor, ethics, inspiration, and positive change to communities were ever our clients bring us.

At Green Group, we are continuously improving the way we do business to better assist those who entrust in our services and capabilities.  We do so by constantly testing and updating our software technologies, methodologies, and improving efficiency to deliver every time.

Our goals for 2018 and beyond are to:


  • Safeguard people, assets, and reputations by empowering clients when adding Green Group as an invaluable resource using our actionable Intelligence solutions, analytical tools, investigative capabilities and services.


  • Work together with state representatives and law enforcement agencies to assist in improving officer training programs that will enhance overall risk mitigation strategies and operations. 


  • Achieve our internal safety, security and community outreach goals. 


Green Group, together with its partners, is a game changer for the security industry segments: Risk Mitigation, Actionable Intelligence, Data Analysis, Litigation, SOC Operations, Physical Security, Investigations, and Training.

“Green Group’s level of commitment to serve it’s clients, as they did for multiple departments within our organization in support of overseas missions, gained them a reputation of reliability, integrity, and commitment.”

Al Vega, (retired) Director of Operations / CIA

“Green Group staff supported our mission for multiple years, working in austere, remote environments.  Logistically strong, supported all facets of our program.  Staff always professional, supportive and hardworking.  Took their expertise and allowed our organization to focus on our mission.  Security was executed in the highest of level for – dignitaries, heads of state, fortune 100 organizations, staff and myself.”

Paul Brinkley, (retired) Taskforce for Business Transformation (TFBSO)