Our vision is to become the leading innovative solution for restoring security confidence in our public and private communities through the use of advanced intelligence technology, and risk mitigation methodologies whilst maintaining true to our principles; truth, respect, hard work and servitude. 

About Us

Green Group is a solution for clients seeking services in reliable actionable intelligencerisk mitigation, investigative work, and tactical training.

Likewise, we seek to deliver value and support to communities, enterprises and government bodies by sharing our expertise and portfolio of tools and services. Our tools and methodologies are designed by leading experts in the Cyber and Intelligence software industry. 

When combined with the wisdom of our subject matter experts, we empower organizations with critical insight, enabling decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action to preemptively mitigate potential risks. 










Our Mission

Mitigate physical threats to minimize negative impact against our communities, enterprises, and government.

Our Team

We are public servants, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, passionate about the security of communities world-wide.  Our team is comprised of a myriad of subject matter experts (SME) from associated US and allied intelligence communities, Special Operations, and Federal and State agencies. 

We are trainers, leaders, educators, and innovators in the field of security intelligence with a common goal, to protect. Together we are in the business of implementing scalable security strategies that yield results.   

Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving our clients mean protecting our future and our freedoms, and collaboratively supporting our organization’s social responsibility to community.

Where are we going

At Green Group, we are continuously improving the way we do business to better assist our clients by incessantly testing and updating software technology to deliver the best innovation has to offer.



Our Process

Utilizing advanced data mining technology, with human intelligence to thoroughly assess and identify security risks that can be detrimental to communities, enterprises or government.


We assess, in order to gather data necessary to generate mitigation strategies to protect the interest of our clients.   It is through the collection, collation, analysis, vetting, and dissemination of information that Green Group provides clients with a first line of action against threats to personnel, property and perception.

Threat Identification:

  • Conducting Comprehensive Risk Assessments (CRA’s),
  • Vulnerability Identificaton
  • Deliver quantifiable risk scoring
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies Plans
  • Organization resilience
  • Consulting Services for enhancing security measures after site security assessment


Through our innovative technological network and Human Intelligence Resources, we gather data continuously. 

Database of information gathered is vetted and current for analytical processes, reporting and data networking. 

Green Group gathers information by the following methods and systems:

  • Video Managing Network (VMN)
  • Video Management Software (VMS) Enterprise
  • IP Cameras “plug-in” Modules
  • ONVIF-G conformance
  • Automated health monitoring 
  • Investigative Management
  • Software virtual matrix
  • GeoSpatial Intel – Interactive maps
  • Intuitive video view interface
  • Sensors, and sound capturing survillance equipment


Green Group is committed to using the best resources and tools available world-wide.  Investigative tools are designed and are proven for over forty years. 

Green Group investigative services include: 

  • Cross-site Network continuous view and recordings
  • Actionable Insight
  • Stramlined Response
  • Investigation services by licensed and experienced personnel / HUMINT
  • Social network real-time scanning and monitoring
  • Identify and investigate existing and developing threats
  • Customize alerts, visual links, geospatial identification,
  • Behavioral profiles, person unification and automatic reports


Those who maliciously plan on attacking an organizations data, personnel, and physical assets, uses the latest cyber intelligence technology. 

They camouflage their attacks and are paid well to see your organization suffer.

Through our innovative technological network, data is analyzed in order to create redundant layers of protection.

Real-time data is what makes all the difference in the intelligence you are given to make decisions.

Green Group strategies are inclusive of the following actions: 

  • Law Enforcement/First Responders  coordination
  • Exposing hidden cyber tactics 
  • Coordination with local, state and federal fusion centers
  • Communication “Action Plans” that allow for supporting divisions, agencies, vendors and stakeholder involvement

With our human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities, multiple layers of data verification and data vetting are implemented. All data gathered through either open or closed source are fact-checked.

Malicious activities identified are communicated to local, federal and state law enforcement agencies to protect both client and identified threat actor(s).

Coordinating effective security response from a central console network, permits quick turnaround of substantial quantum evidence.

Easily attain integrations for today’s Mission-Critical Intelligence SOC.

Certified by many leading standard boards, such as ONVIF-G, DHS SAFETY Act, EMC VS Lab Tested, and VMware. 


Our Security Division and Stakeholders work side-by-side to effectively utilize and implement resources.  Together we work to continuously optimize operating procedures and checks and balances for performance.

When using Green Group as a Threat Intelligence Service provider, organizations save on time and money by leaving the heavy lifting to us.  Green Group will set-up all required to establish a fully functioning: data analysis, intelligence fusion centers, physical security surveillance monitoring tools, and comprehensive analysis.  

Green Group has established experience mobilizing into austere, and remote international markets.  We have successfully operated and established a trusted reputation among the Department of State, Department of Defense and Coalition Forces in support of complex, planning and execution of projects. 

The expertise gained since 2009 (Green Group LLC.), either as a subcontractor or prime contractor, is an added value to our CONUS projects.  


It is Green Group’s responsibility to educate our clients, stakeholders and partners, in order to collaboratively work towards one common goal – safeguarding valuable resources and successfully maintaining security.

Green Group’s training division is critical to its core business. 

This need, we identified, would be of necessity as threats to our common way of life increase.  Whether we are training at our local police stations, schools, places of worship, the security staff of a business operating in the US or abroad, collaborately, we are all facing “domestic terrorism”.  These threats cannot be mitigated with technology.    

Training courses are designed and taught by subject matter experts.

For a list of courses, visit our “Training” page on our website.  


Data gathered is secured, filtered and disseminated via Verint Cloud Solutions.

Continuous communication with stakeholders, partners, team players and potential governing Fusion Centers is accomplished through a unified Command and Control platform.

Communication plans are established along with operational procedures shared within organizations departments and first responders.

Collectively, how the tools in place push information, protects the information gathered from viable cyber-attacks, is part of creating a holistic solution that improves the communication between operator and responder, thus  enabling officials to contain any event and more effectively manage a situation.

We utilize these same tools to enhance our overall operations. 


Green Group provides multiple services within the entire security and investigative spectrum.

Our job is to have full spectrum situational awareness, so that you can focus on business continuity.

  • Alarms, access control, building sensors, and more can all be fused with video to support real-time intelligence, monitoring, response, and post-incident investigations.
  • Technology and physical security collaboration
  • Signal and data gathering mining equipment
  • Advanced surveillance equipment with face, and license plate recognition technology, and more
  • Sensors, learning technologies that help automate our entire process  
  • On the ground verification and investigative services

Happy Customers

“Green Group’s level of committment to serve its clients, as they did for multiple departments within our organization in support of overseas missions, gained them a reputation of reliability, integrity, and committment.”

Al Vega, (retired) Director of Operations / CIA

“Green Group staff supported our mission for multiple years, working in austere, remote environments.  Logistically strong, supported all facets of our program.  Staff always professional, supportive and hardworking  Took their expertise and allowed our organization to focus on our mission.  Security was executed in the highest of level for – dignitaries, heads of state, fortune 100 personnel, staff and myself.”

Paul Brinkley, (retired) Taskforce for Business Transformation (TFBSO)