Our vision is to become the leading innovative solution for restoring security confidence in our public and private communities through the use of advanced intelligence technology, and risk mitigation methodologies whilst maintaining true to our principles; truth, respect, hard work and servitude.


The mission of Green Group Global is to be one of the leading Physical Security and Risk Mitigation firms in the world utilizing intelligence  network technology to protect humankind. Using our portfolio of capabilities as a licensed security and investigative firm, enhance the way we implemet solutions to today’s challenging security problems.


In 2005, two veterans while in Iraq witnessed multi-million dollar infrastructure projects awarded to local and foreign contractors fail.  These same two veterans established Ground Works Inc. (GWI) on the promise to perform all construction and logistic projects to the highest of stardard, quality, and customer service.  GWI delivered on its promises and grew, quickly.  GWI successfully completed awarded projects under budget and on time.  This made GWI one of the go-to-firm in support of Iraq infrastructure restoration initiatives.  What does this have to do with Green Group, you ask?  A lot.

Working in austere, remote, “war zone” areas, tends to raise multiple risks factors to consider. Implementing mitigation strategies at the  planning phase of all projects, was critical in order to prevent loss of life, delay or failure. Effective security was, and still is, imperative to the success of any project.  Quality, trust-worthy people to accomplish security goals was critical and with 400+ employees, and a vast list of clients, GWI could not trust just anyone to keep operations safe.  In 2009, GWI owners established Green Group (GG) LLC.

GWI projects diversified. The demand for security infrastructure for all GWI projects increased and its clients began to hire GG directly.

GG began with services providing:

  • Risk assessments, physical security upgrades to government and private facilities and installations,
  • Install of telecommunication towers, IT Network Infrastructure in remote sites and surveillance and sensory equipment,
  • Vet of staff and manage static and mobile security guard forces,
  • Design, and manage Security Operations Centers (SOC) to conduct 24/7/365 operations,
  • Secure mobile movements – logistic transport and dignitary movements.

GG’s portfolio continued to grow.  With hard work, GG established a reputation of reliability, and committment.

In 2012, Green Group moved into other continents and added “Global” to the name.  Green Group Global, is an S-Corp, with corporate headquarter offices in Edmond Oklahoma, and satellite office in Virginia.  

Today, at Green Group, we believe there is a better way to deliver security and Technology is the key.  Analytics, innovative surveillance equipment working with A.I., allows us more methodical, less invasive, more productive security solutions.   We’re obsessively passionate about brining our clients solutions that really show result.  We get excited about it!

We are excited to showcase our “solution driven” culture, specially when it comes to the most challenging security issues our world faces today such as targeted violence on schools, places of worship, corporations and specific events.  

The experience gained while working in international markets, with a divers group of clients gives us an advantage over our competitors. Enhancing and empowering our client’s safety and security is our mission.



Green Group's leadership team focuses on generating the best customer driven processes, fostering long term relationships, reliable services in security, utilizing innvovation and the latest technology, while expanding into new markets around the world.

Our Team

When combined with the wisdom of our subject matter experts, we empower organizations with critical insight, enabling decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action to preemptively mitigate potential risks. We are public servants, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, passionate about the security of communities world-wide.  In the industry of security and risk mitigation, achieving and monitoring performance against our high expectations and requirements take a strong team and dedicated individuals. It is only through the fostering of “One Team” approach, together with our partners, vendors, and stakeholders, can we continue to help foster a respectful workplace wherever our clients need us. 


Our team is comprised of a myriad of security and intelligence related professions with the desire to see our company goals not just met, but exceeded.  As trainers, leaders, educators, and innovators in the field of security intelligence, we perseveringly work towards a common goal – mitigate safety and security risks against the most vulnerable. Together we are in the business of implementing scalable security strategies that yield results.


At Green Group, corporate social responsibility refers to our commitment to operate our business in a way that reflects our faith and instills honor, ethics, inspiration, and positive change to communities around the world.

Where Are we Going?

At Green Group, we are continuously improving the way we do business to better assist our clients by incessantly testing and updating software technology, methodology, and efficiency to deliver the best services we have to offer.

Our goals for 2018 and beyond are to:


  • Safeguard every school and university in the U.S. utilizing our Actionable Intelligence Solution and its platforms.
  • Work together with State Representatives and Law Enforcement agencies to improve officer training program.
  • Reach our internal Safety, Security and Community outreach goals. 
  • Continue to make a difference in this world, one person at a time. 



The Green Group Company, together with its partners, is a game changer for the Security industry with the following business segments: Risk Mitigation, Actionable Intelligence Fusion Center Operations, Physical Security, Investigations, and Training.

Happy Customers

“Green Group’s level of committment to serve it’s clients, as they did for multiple departments within our organization in support of overseas missions, gained them a reputation of reliability, integrity, and committment.”

Al Vega, (retired) Director of Operations / CIA

“Green Group staff supported our mission for multiple years, working in austere, remote environments.  Logistically strong, supported all facets of our program.  Staff always professional, supportive and hardworking  Took their expertise and allowed our organization to focus on our mission.  Security was executed in the highest of level for – dignitaries, heads of state, fortune 100 personnel, staff and myself.”

Paul Brinkley, (retired) Taskforce for Business Transformation (TFBSO)