Because Who You Hire Matters

Green Group has a consistent track record of exceeding clients' expectations and delivering customer service-centric innovative security solutions to complex real-world problems.  For more than 20 years, Green Group professionals have served clients by rapidly deploying intelligence-driven technology and qualified licensed professionals to solve security, investigative, and training challenges.


Our vision is to optimize and streamline the process of risk identification and management for our clients no matter what the industry. We are committed to a “solution-driven” culture.  Our culture showcases the ability to solve complex security challenges we all must mitigate and are brought about by domestic terrorism, sabotage, internal-external acts of malevolence, natural disasters, and attacks on our nation’s security.  We envision Green Group as an intricate role player in safeguarding our nation’s communities.


We place a greater emphasis on bringing clients forwarding thinking actionable security strategies as opposed to reactive strategies when it comes to dealing with risks and crisis management. Hiring our firm is an act of taking a proactive stance to enhance your organization's overall safety and security strategy.


We do not uphold an escapism mentality; we take ownership of what we deliver, always finishing what we start and adapt to ensure success every time, even when challenges arise. While we promote humility, we have pride in the hard work of our organization, taking our jobs and clients extremely seriously.


Our number one focus is our customers, and to earn their trust and the trust of our staff, partners, and stakeholders. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business core values. Law-abiding, loyal, and committed to excellence helps us build a positive reputation, even when others are not. 

Our Team is what makes the difference

Through the combined wisdom of data-driven technology and Green Group subject matter experts, we provide organizations with critical insight, thus empowering and equipping decision-makers to anticipate, respond, and take preemptive action to mitigate potential risks. We are public servants, from a diverse array of professional backgrounds, passionate about the security of people and our nation.  In the industry of security and risk mitigation, it takes strong teams and dedicated individuals to achieve and monitor performance against our high expectations and stringent customer requirements.  It is only through the fostering of a "One Team" approach, where together with our partners, vendors, and stakeholders, we can maintain a respectful workplace and solution-driven business culture.   


As trainers, leaders, educators, and innovators in our industry of security and intelligence, we perseveringly work towards a common goal - mitigate risks, and promote safety and security to protect people, assets and reputation. Together we are in the business of implementing scalable security strategies that yield results.


Green Group's leadership insurmountable experience gained while working in international markets on some of the most complex security environments, has given our company multidimensional lenses when identifying risks, projecting trends, and the psychology behind threat actors to develop the best risk mitigation strategies.

Green Group Global volunteerism has no borders.  Proud sponsor of "Extended Hands Of Hope," an organization is bringing awareness to promote aid for disabled children and families.
Tbilisi, Georgia.



We are in the business of elevating and empowering people or organizations to attain safety and security. From our volunteering, tithing to good causes, partnering with organizations in the fight against human trafficking, and promoting within our corporate culture ways to give back to our communities - Green Group believes that acts of kindness and compassion positively impacts the way we do business.


As the world becomes more diverse and more complex, Green Group Global's way of doing business must also evolve. Enhancing the way we secure people, their assets, and their reputation requires continuous development in strategies as well as technology.  We have launched Green Group Global INSIGHT - our own designed Analytical Dashboard to streamline and empower our clients in the way they receive information about their security.

We partner with leading software developers, hire the best our industry has to offer, and effectively leverage our capabilities to maximize how fast our client's receive data and how accurate that data is. The result is quicker and more holistic decision making - excellent decision making.


"Green Group's level of commitment to serve its clients, as they did for multiple departments within our organization in support of overseas missions, gained them a reputation of reliability, integrity, and commitment."

Al Vega, (retired) Director of Operations / CIA

"Green Group staff supported our mission for multiple years, working in austere, remote environments.  Logistically strong supported all facets of our program.  Staff always professional, supportive, and hardworking.  They took their expertise and allowed our organization to focus on our mission.  Executed security missions at the highest level for our  dignitaries, heads of state, fortune 100 organizations, staff, and myself."

Paul Brinkley (Retired) - Task Force for Business Transformation (TFBSO)